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Are you passionate about yoga? Have you been practicing for a while and want to share your journey and takeouts? Do you generally enjoy writing about physical training and exercise?
Awesome! We are looking for inspired and talented guest writers to contribute to the knowledge wealth of our yoga sanctuary.
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What Is the Goal of the Blog?

@LivePureYoga we simply love yoga! We feel it with our hearts in all its dimensions – physical challenge, mental strength, and spiritual enrichment.
We believe in the ancient traditions and philosophy of how to live life the proper way, and apply them in our own living.
Our minds are open, as yoga teaches us, so we find useful knowledge in other training methods and practices as well. Extrapolating from various sources is what we aim for.
These topics are also of interest to our readers, and we are always looking for quality content on them.
Should you have something intriguing and useful to share from your knowledge or personal experience, we will be happy to publish it! Read below to find out how to submit your text!

Submission Guidelines

  • The article should be 1000+ words to provide value to our readers.
  • We are only accepting unique, original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere before! Should your article be published on our blog, it can’t be republished anywhere else including your own blog. This is bad for SEO and may lead to penalties for every following publication after the original one.
  • You can add 2 self-serving links – one to your site somewhere in the text and one to a social media channel placed in the author bio. You may add other external links to authoritative resources to add value to the article, but let’s keep those at a reasonable amount – let’s say no more than 5.
  • The external links also should make sense to the general topic of our blog – yoga, training, health, lifestyle, wellness, and the like. Any claims you make should be backed up with data from research or case studies! Include links to reliable resources.
  • Format your text to make the process easier and more pleasant for the reader, as well as competitive for SEO – use headings, subheadings, bullets, paragraphs, etc.
  • Of course, we reserve our right to make small corrections to your text whenever needed to comply with the listed guidelines.
  • To submit your text, please use the form below!

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