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Can Yoga Help MS?

People have asked me if yoga can help MS, because it has been reported that yoga can alleviate some of the symptoms associated with MS. In this article I am going to look at some of the potential benefits of yoga for people with MS. Yoga is well known for helping people to relax and… Read More »

Can Yoga Help Ed? – What Can You Do to Help You?

Can Yoga help ED? This is the question that many doctors and physicians ask when they have a patient who is showing signs of heartburn or reflux, or when they want to treat their patients for other medical conditions. Many people wonder if yoga can help with this because it does help with several different… Read More »

Is it Possible to Lose Weight With Yoga?

While there are a few forms of yoga which will help you burn even more calories than Vinyasa (which is found on this page), overall, most types of yoga cannot top the chart of calories burned per minute when paired with a healthy diet. However, recent research indicates that practicing yoga can also work well… Read More »

Can Yoga Help With Back Pain?

Can yoga help with back pain? The answer is yes. I’ll explain why this is and what yoga is used for. For those who suffer from back pain, it’s very important to know the cause of your pain and to take steps to prevent it from happening again. Some causes are physical, some are emotional,… Read More »

Can Yoga Make You Taller? The Truth About Yoga Exercises

Can Yoga Make You Taller? The Truth About Yoga Exercises Can yoga help you get taller? As a result of the fact that many people have become discouraged with trying to do something about their height, many people wonder if yoga can be useful in making them taller. You can no longer increase your height… Read More »

Can Yoga Make You Fit?

Can Yoga Make You Fit? Many individuals ask ‘can yoga help me get in shape?’ and the response is a resounding yes! For building up the major muscle group, there is nothing better than an aerobic exercise program. The best workout involves proper nutrition. This means consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein,… Read More »

Can Yoga Increase Height?

Can Yoga Increase Height? There is no concrete proof that yoga can increase height and you may ask how is it possible. Yes, yoga is not a sport where people try to leap in front of the spectators. But, yoga is a good way to achieve balance and flexibility of your body. As compared with… Read More »

Can Yoga Cause Numbness?

Can Yoga Cause Numbness? While some people say there is no medical evidence that yoga can cause numbness, there have been many claims made. There are people who are still doubtful about whether yoga can be dangerous or not because they do not know how serious a situation can be. So they will still go… Read More »

Why Yoga Barefoot Benefits You

Why Yoga Barefoot Benefits You Why is yoga barefoot not recommended? When people begin practicing yoga, there are certain things that they will need to get used to. One of these is having their feet properly covered with some type of cushion. Some practitioners choose a simple mat. Others prefer to have some kind of… Read More »

Why Yoga Retreats – Why Jocelyn and I Went

For the last five years I have been fortunate enough to attend yoga retreats. I was lucky enough to visit a few of them and speak with those who were attending and those who were not. Here are some reasons why yoga retreats may be a great idea for you. The first reason that yoga… Read More »