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2020 January Member Spotlight - Leslie Yearta-Brown

Leslie Yearta-Brown

Tell us a little about yourself…

“I'm LYB, I work in healthcare. I'm married with 2 kids. We live in Ozark and have 3 dogs.”

How long have you been with LPYF and what made you join/stay?

“How long has there been an LPY? Since then. LOL. I started doing Buti with Stephanie when she was a vagabond yoga teacher at Bar Cardio and Sweat and Love. I like the variety of classes at LPY, it's been difficult to find a fitness-yoga balanced facility in the past.”

What are your short and long-term fitness goals?

“I don't think I have fitness goal per se. I am motivated to stay active as I age.”

What are some of the top things that motivate you?

“My job and kids keep me motivated to stay active. I see the negative outcomes of inactivity on a daily basis in my work. My family is young, I want to be able to participate in their lives in all facets.”

What is your favorite fitness activity and your least favorite?

“I love a vinyasa flow, I feel like my whole body gets to move and my mind is clear. I struggle with anxiety, a vinyasa class always centers me and frees my mind. I strongly dislike burpees, I'm working on disliking them less and being grateful I have the ability to do them. I'm just not quite there.”

One piece of advice you would offer someone regarding nutrition or exercise that you’ve found helpful.

“Just do it. Nothing in fitness or nutrition can't be undone, it's relatively low risk. Try a new routine, make different food choices...if you hate them, change them. If you love them, yay. Be aware of how you feel and honor that.”

And for fun, what’s your favorite place you’ve been and why?

I really love being at home, it is my favorite place. My favorite place to travel is probably Oregon/PNW because it's magical.

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