About Us

Live Pure Yoga has been featured in 417 magazine and is the first studio in the area to combine yoga with fitness-based classes designed to use your own body weight to sculpt your body and enhance your yoga practice. Originally located in Chesterfield Village, Live Pure Yoga was founded in 2015 by Stephanie Wubbena with the dream of creating a studio where she could share her love of yoga and fitness in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. Stephanie is a personal trainer for over 20 years and holds over 8 nationally recognized certifications.  An injury led her to the Yoga Practice where she fell in love with the healing power of stretching and meditation. She has trained under the top celebrity yoga teacher Bizzie Gold in 2014.  Buti Yoga has been her main teaching focus but she is also very talented in her yoga sequencing that shows how creative she is with her extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement.  She challenges her students in her Buti class to keep up with her upbeat energy while safely guiding them through the Yoga Practice.


Although Stephanie is still very passionate about yoga and fitness, her focus shifted to her farm and her Goats & Yoga business. With her attention and time divided Stephanie felt it was better to transfer ownership to someone she felt would carry on her legacy with the same passion for health and fitness. Shortly after relocating the studio to the Fox Grape Plaza on the South east side of town, Lilly McCown purchased Live Pure Yoga (now Live Pure Yoga and Fitness).  Stephanie remains involved in the foresight of the studio as well as continuing to teach our Buti Yoga classes.


Our new owner, Lilly, has always been focused on fitness and believes in the power of exercise as an anti-illness and anti-depressant remedy. Lilly has been a CrossFit athlete for over 10 years and a CF Level 1 coach for 5+ years. She is passionate about Olympic lifting/weight training and is very excited to bring a strength conditioning component to the studio.  In addition to coaching CrossFit, she holds an ACE (American Council of Exercise)  Group Instructor Certification and Group Senior Fitness Specialist Certificate.


 “Strength training is for everyone and becomes even more important as one ages and the need to maintain muscle mass increases. We have the best Yoga and Fitness classes in the area and we are excited about our diverse class options.” ~Lilly


At Live Pure Yoga and Fitness our members and instructors have developed deep connections with a feeling of being part of a tribe. We believe in a sense of community and happily welcome everyone to feel at home in our studio and our classes. We believe there are many reasons why one practices yoga or seeks to improve health through fitness classes and we all support and challenge one another every day as a tribe.

3250 E. Battlefield Suite M
Springfield, MO 65804
Live Pure Yoga and Fitness
Lilly McCown, Owner

Conveniently located in the Fox Grape Plaza in South East Springfield!