3250 E. Battlefield Suite M
Springfield, MO 65804
Live Pure Yoga and Fitness
Lilly McCown, Owner

Conveniently located in the Fox Grape Plaza in South East Springfield!

Studio Etiquette

  1. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Give yourself enough time to find a comfortable place to practice, put away your belongings, and relax on the mat before the instructor begins class. We do not allow late comers as doors are usually locked when class begins unless arrangements are made.

  2. Turn off your cellular phones and keep your belongs in the foyer. Bring only your mat, towel and water to the studio floor.

  3. Download MINDBODY App on your mobile device to book your reservation for class. Reservations must be completed within 2 hours before class is scheduled otherwise, if we do not have any reservations before that time we will cancel that scheduled class.

  4. ​Please lower your voices while inside the studio before class begins and be mindful of others. It's especially important for yoga practice to quiet the mind to prepare for your practice. However, for Fitness classes that do not require quieting the mind please feel free to talk, laugh, and encourage one another while remaining respectful of each other.

  5. Always listen to your body. Make modifications as necessary and ask your instructors for guidance when needed. Please let your instructor aware of any health concerns or injuries you have so they may better guide you to meet your needs. If you feel at any time nauseous or dizzy please simply lie down on your back, focus on taking deep breaths and relaxing. Please let your instructor know if this does not help. Take care of yourself before and after class. This is your yoga practice and workout so do what is best for your body.

  6. Please let your instructor aware of any heath concerns or injuries you have so we better modify the movements to meet their needs.  

  7. Please always come to class well hydrated. Always drink plenty of water before, during and after class.

  8. Avoid eating a large meal at least 2 hours before class. Make sure you are well nourished, do not come to class if you have not eaten all day.

  9. If possible, we ask that you do not leave the studio during class. However, if you need a break please take a break at anytime. We recommend you use childs pose or savasana for rest at any time.


Book from our website or the


Getting Started

1. Click the button above above or open your phones App Store

2. Search for MINDBODY

3. Download and open the App

4. Search for Live Pure Yoga 

5. Click View Schedule

6. Click Book next the class you wish to attend

Please ARRIVE EARLY,  at least 5 minutes

Please CANCEL your reservation if you are not coming.

Any questions? Please Text or Call Us (417)  425-6685


Quick Tips

Drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Bring you water bottle and if you forget water bottles are provide. Don't eat 2 hours before class.

Wear comfortable workout clothes, bring your mat and towel. Cool off after class with our cold towels that have been soaked in essential oils. We offer purchase or rental mats and sell comfortable name brand clothing; brands like Onzie, Spiritual Gansta, Teeki and more.

Listen to your body and make modifications as needed. This is your yoga practice and workout so do what feels right for your body.  Share your goals, injuries and concerns with your instructor who is here to guide you.