Can Yoga Cause Numbness?

While some people say there is no medical evidence that yoga can cause numbness, there have been many claims made. There are people who are still doubtful about whether yoga can be dangerous or not because they do not know how serious a situation can be. So they will still go on with it, even if the fact is already confirmed that yoga can cause numbness.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is one of the most ancient practices that we all can do at home. However, if you do not want to do yoga, you can always do the exercise and do nothing else. But of course, this is not an advisable thing to do. There are lots of things that we do not know about that we cannot live without. If you can’t live without your yoga mat, then what can you do in order to do yoga without having a problem with your hand or arm?

Why is Yoga Good for You?

Yoga is great because it can help you build up your strength, improve your flexibility is very important for everybody part. If your body is flexible, you will be able to move freely without pain. If your body is strong, you will be able to do more difficult exercises easily. Yoga will also be beneficial for the health of your joints and bones. And all these benefits are also the reasons why people are saying that yoga can cause numbness.

Apart from the fact that there are pain killers that people use when they are injured or when they have something that is bothering them, there are also some drugs that are used by doctors for certain patients. There are times that these drugs can be very effective but there are also times where they do not work at all. Drugs work by taking away the pain and you should take them only when you really need them. But yoga will make you feel better than these drugs because it will help you heal from the inside out.

Yoga Myths You Should Stop Believing

It is very important for you to be aware of this so you will be able to see if there is any possibility that yoga can cause numbness. Do not just believe everything that you hear because this might affect your mind. You can read articles that have the same opinions as yours and try to ask your doctor about the matter so that he can tell you whether you have to avoid the practice of yoga in order for you to avoid this problem.

Another belief some people hold about yoga is that it is not a workout. In reality, the main goal of the physical side of yoga is to exhaust the body so as to clear the mind and prepare it for meditation. There are types of yoga orientated towards stretching and flexibility but those are not all styles that exist. Power yoga is one example of high-intensity yoga practice for building strength.

You can do yoga even if you do not want to do it, but you should never forget that you can do it when you need to. You have to understand that there are still lots of benefits that come from it. The benefits can be achieved through breathing, relaxation, and more.


As mentioned above, there are not many things that can cause your life to be destroyed if you do not want to do yoga. Some people are still skeptical about it, but most of them do it because they want to enjoy the benefits that it can bring. However, there are still people who think that it can cause numbness because there are still people who believe that yoga can give you problems.

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